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Specialist Services Areas

We do not claim to specialize in everything, and will only consider an assignment if the scope and boundary lay within our proven areas of expertise as client satisfaction is paramount.

Our clients are extremely capable managers and only require our services to assist in the development and/or implementation of a business action program designed to achieve specific client goals.

  • Cost Recovery Audits identify and eliminate the causes of revenue leakage. Activity involves line item analysis and verification of vendor invoicing, review of contracts, charges, tariff, identification of hidden costs, overcharges, unused services or inventory, obtain refunds, negotiate better rates. Work with the client to develop and implement internal systems & procedures which ensure future control of clients vendor invoicing.

    Cost Recovery Audits are usually undertaken on a "contingency fee basis" which, means no fees are payable, unless we achieve savings for the client. Any fees then due are calculated as a percentage of the savings achieved as a result of our cost recovery audit. An attractive proposition, with no risk. Details
  • Outsourcing procurement page under construction
  • Requirements analysis page under construction
  • Organizational reviews page under construction
  • Technical reviews page under construction
  • Service reviews page under construction
  • Planning, Project Management page under construction
Practical And Consultative Approach

An effective and successful business action program requires a basic and practical approach to solving problems. Our approach is based on several principles, which, we believe would be important to Clients:
  • Be consultative ensuring that whilst working closely with client staff we avoid increasing the internal workload
  • Communicate effectively/sensitively with client staff at all levels during the assignment
  • Provide feedback to client at each stage to achieve understanding, acceptance and implementation
  • Enter assignments with an open mind being aware that the Clients organization may view issues from a different perspective
  • Be business-led in that any review must have the requirements of the business as a leading objective
  • Be pragmatic for we firmly believe that recommendations must be practical and capable of implementation
  • Use proven analysis techniques to underpin the work that we undertake for our Client
Instead of just providing advice, we are responsible, where requested, for the successful implementation of recommendations. This approach places the responsibility for assignment success on us and provides a strong level of comfort to our clients