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Benefits Of The Audit

As well as refunds and savings benefits achieved by completion of a successful cost recovery audit, their are additional benefits as follows;:
  • Identifies areas of potential cost reductions
  • Suggests controls to improve operational efficiencies
  • Details how, when and why, telecom dollars are being spent
  • We do all the work and follow through to get your cash back
Effectiveness Of The Audit

The audit process will identify and eliminate the causes of revenue leakage, and includes the following;

  • Incorrect Rates
  • Inappropriate Taxes
  • Incorrect Tariff Applications
  • Billing for Services Discontinued
  • Duplicate Charges
  • Billings for Unauthorized Services
  • Misdirected Billings
  • Payments Applied Incorrectly
Affordable And Sensible

Our cost recovery audit services are just plain good sense. There is no risk, they are funded out of any potential savings, and give you reassurance that you have regained control of your telecom costs.
The Audit Processs

Agreement : Once the Client instructs us to proceed with a cost recovery audit, they may sign the agreement with Tillotson. This brief and concise agreement simply spells out the relationship.

Letter of Authorization: To enable us to work with the Clients vendors, the Client will need to provide two original Letters of Authorization, on their Company's letterhead, authorizing Tillotson to access the client's vendor records. We can help with a form letter/template for this purpose

Audit Information Requirements: The Client will need to provide the following information;
  • Originals or copies of the telephone bills for the past three months including local telephone company, long distance carriers, cellular phone providers, and pagers.
  • A listing of all locations with exact street addresses
  • Copies of any contracts with telephone companies.
  • Any internal listings of telephone line numbers including fax or modem numbers
  • A completed General Information Questionnaire

Timescales: Once the required audit information has been received the audit process will commence immediately. Timescales for completion for a medium sized business is typically in the range of 30-60 days. A factor that contributes to the overall timescales is the amount of time that may be required by the Clients vendors to respond to our enquiries and requests for billing related information.

Deliverables Upon completion of the audit, we will provide a written report detailing our findings and recommendations which are discussed with the Client. Upon Client acceptance of the audit report, we will contact the vendors to secure any refunds, arrange tarriff adjustments etc.

Completion And Payment The audit will be deemed complete only when refunds and/or savings as identified in the Client approved audit report have been received by the Client, or adjustments confirmed with the vendor which ensure billing savings in the future. Upon receipt of refunds and/or implementation of savings we would expect payment of fees.